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Imagine if retail investors were invited to the same private sale crypto deals as VCs?


All street:

A Radically Different Way of Doing Things

The Genesis NFT is our take on a fair launch. Anyone can purchase a Genesis NFT and get access to the same perks usually reserved for VCs. All funding to date has come from the community.

Proceeds from this sale will be used to build the powerful protocol and platform that makes investing in Web3 so simple your grandmother could use it.

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Buy Series 1 on Looksrare

Common Wealth Genesis NFT Perks

Extreme Upside

Genesis NFT holders receive a generous share of platform profit for the lifetime of the ecosystem. Series 1 holders receive a 12% share, while Series 2 holders receive a 3% share. What happens to the other 85% of the profit, you might ask? Join us on 'All Street' and find out.

Generous Token Allocation

Have your say and have your voice heard! Genesis NFT holders will be given governance rights via a generous WLTH token allocation. Common Wealth's innovative fund governance means every Limited Partner is a General Partner!

Become part of the All Street movement

Genesis NFT holders get access to dedicated community channels, early access, exclusive AMAs, collabs and white label opportunities and NFT staking rewards and so much more...

Stake your Genesis NFT

Stake your Genesis NFT and earn daily rewards until TGE

Stake nft

Upgrade your Series 1 Genesis NFT

Genesis NFTs (Series 1) minted before Apr 14th 2023 need to be upgraded to unlock the full range of their utility and rewards.

Upgrade Series 1