Imagine if retail investors were invited to the same private sale crypto deals as VCs?

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Early-stage VC access for the 99%

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Fully decentralised. Fully on-chain. The way it was meant to be.

Invest with the best.

Access early stage deal flow from some of the most well respected movers and shakers in the industry.

Always liquid.

Fractionalise your investment and sell some, or all, of it at any time.

Mobile-first, seamless design.

Invest in Web3 projects using a credit, debit card, or crypto. Our mobile-first approach provides a frictionless experience.

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The top dealmakers in web3.

Opportunities on the app referred directly from the All Street Oracles.

Meet the Oracles
Common Wealth's All Street Oracles mural

From the people who invested early in:

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Unlock access to the hottest early stage crypto deals, all on one platform:

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All street

  • Discover global opportunities

    Back bold and diverse projects from around the world that will supercharge Web3.

  • Get meaningful insight

    Use tools, resources, and community mentors to conduct due diligence to help make informed decisions.

  • Build your portfolio

    Invest as little or as much capital as you want. Our diverse range of funds offers exposure to a wide range of assets.

  • Keep track

    Common Wealth's investment infrastructure is powered by state of the art smart contracts giving you real-time visibility of your investments via our dashboard. Stay in control.

  • Always liquid

    Sell all or part of your investment stake at any time. No lock-up periods, ever! Vote on which projects get funded - your tokens, your vote.

  • Level Up

    It's All Street's mission to onboard the next billion Web3 investors providing structure and support. We reward you for learning and contributing as you go.

  • Proper support

    Help is here. A community empowered support team is on hand to help guide you through your investment journey.

common's wealth's 1st fund - march 2024


demonstrating the power of all street
  • 1.64M missions completed
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Built on Base, we've developed powerful features to supercharge your investment experience:

  • Peace of mind

    Stay secure with our user-focussed privacy model that ensures your data is always encrypted in transit and at rest and never human-readable by anyone, inside or outside Common Wealth.

  • Automatic wallet creation

    Use your existing wallet or spin one up seamlessly. Your keys. Your crypto. Always.

  • Transparency

    Access an overview of the treasury at any time and stay up to date via our frequently published security audits.

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All in on Community

  • Common Wealth is 100% community owned and operated. We believe collectively we are more than the sum of our parts. Have your say and have your voice heard.

  • A democratic, circular economy - our conviction is that every member of our community should share in the upside. On All Street, every Limited Partner is a General Partner.


A first of its kind: a trurly closed-loop economy that perpetually generates value for the protocol and its users. Unlike most protocols, under our transactional tokenomics model, all gains created are circulated back into the system while rewarding a loyal user base.

Project Roadmap

  • Start of Exploration phase
  • Seed funding (May)
  • Designing, Prototyping & Laying the technical foundations (October)
  • 1st Genesis NFT sale (October)
  • Website & Public Reveal (April)
  • Second Genesis NFT Sale (April/May)
  • Start of Open Beta / Early Access (November)
  • Launch of world’s first Free VC Fund (February)
  • Alpha Fund Launch (April)
  • Token sale (May)
  • NFT marketplace (in app)
  • New Funds (Community & Evergreen)
  • Rewards (Referral, Promote, Onboarding)
  • NFT marketplace (standalone)
  • (Learn, Verification, Engage)
  • Governance, DAOS
  • Account Abstraction / MPC wallets
  • AI - CW ChatGPT integration

Come build on
All Street!

  • Governance, DAOS

Common Wealth Whitepaper

Everything you have always wanted to know about Common Wealth's ground-breaking protocol and investment infrastructure - including the 'All Street' Manifesto, details of the revolutionary economy and some insights into the innovations we are working on now and next.
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