Imagine if retail investors were invited to the same private sale crypto deals as VCs?

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Revolutionary Model & Tokenomics

A two-way value proposition

Common Wealth opens early-stage access to the 99%... AND simultaneously, provides projects with community and investment boot-strapping.

Imagine a “Link Marines” or “XRP Army” from day 1?
Now you don't have to.

Enter exponential scale

As more users sign-up, the quality of early-stage projects goes up, so to the quality of funds available, leading to ever more users, and ever more great projects...

Concept: A community that grows perpetually inside a tech-stack created to scale.

Proof: The first (free) fund was a huge success. The quality of projects and the level of community engagement proves the model is fit for Web3.

It's surely just a matter of time until the largest VC fund in the world is owned (and run) by the 99%.

Imagine the largest vc firm in the world
owned by the 99%

Too good to be true? Don't believe us!

the world's 1st
free vc fund

demonstrating the power of all street

Q1 2024 showcased the early promise of the Common Wealth community reach and impact. A total of 1.6 million online and on-chain actions were completed over a 3-week period across the participating project platforms. In addition, the 15 projects collectively grew their X accounts by 1.7 million.

  • 1.64M missions completed



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Circular economy

A first of its kind: a truly closed-loop economy that perpetually generates value for the protocol and its users.

Unlike most protocols, all gains created by the running of the protocol (both code royalties and investment revenue) are circulated back into the system while rewarding a loyal user base. It's a transactional tokenomics model, where value accrues to the protocol and, ultimately, to the token holders and investors.

Value will flow into the economy primarily through:

  • Platform transaction fees on all $WLTH transactions (1%)
  • Fund royalties (2% per year; capped at 10%)
  • Profit-based royalties (10 - 40% depending on staking levels)
  • A Community Fund funded by transaction fees and secondary NFT sales

In addition, Common Wealth fund investors are greatly incentivised to own and stake $WLTH tokens to receive significant (up to 80%) discounts on profit-based royalties.

Value will only leave the economy in one of three ways:

  • Revenue-share payout to genesis NFT holders (15% of protocol profits)
  • A deflationary buy-back and burn mechanism on investment returns
  • community Fund returns distributed as dividends to active community members (50% returned, 50% burned as deflationary mechanism)
  • Rewards & incentives programs
  • Other profits distributed as the Community sees fit

Common Wealth is committed to avoiding ponzinomics: if the model works, the protocol will capture the value created, on behalf of the community. It's that simple.

$WLTH token

Common Wealth is powered by the $WLTH utility token. The WLTH token like all tokens is a representation of value. In this case, it is your share Common Wealth's vision of equal access to opportunity for all.

The aim is simplicity: a one token model. The $WLTH token is an ERC20 token running on the Base blockchain. It is an asset without an issuer from day one - as ownership of the WLTH token was renounced before IDO.

All non-investment financial transactions (rewards, staking, governance) are transacted in $WLTH.

$WLTH is used to:

  • Pay 1% transaction fee on all $WLTH transactions (fuels the Community Fund)
  • reduce platform royalties fees on investment returns
  • participate in fund and platform governance
  • deploy investment funds into Community Fund projects
  • pay contributors
  • earn rewards for participation, learning and promotion
  • earn passive income from Community Fund and any protocol dividends